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First house? Refinancing?

First house? Refinancing?

Whether you are consolidating your debt, refinancing your home, or buying your first house or insuring yourself, we have the expertise to make it a fast, easy, and enjoyable process.



We specialise in all types of mortgages, whether you are a first-time buyer, home mover, looking for a large mortgage loan or a Buy-To-Let landlord.

Unrivalled level of service

Unrivalled level of service

We are based in Spinningfields in the heart of Manchester, offering an unrivaled level of service, served up in a refreshingly down-to-earth style. We always strive to go the extra mile for our clients surpassing your expectations.


Whether you are buying your first home, remortgaging or looking to raise some equity there is a vast array of products in the current market making it a very complex process to research all available lenders. Let our expertise knowledge help guide you into selecting the right product.

A mortgage is likely to be the largest purchase of your life and we want to help and guide you into selecting the right mortgage product that meets your needs and circumstances whilst taking away the headache of all the different options.

Our mortgage service not only achieves the best rates available it also removes all the stress and paperwork involved with securing a mortgage. Our advisers are all specialists in this area and have been successfully securing mortgages for our clients regardless of the economic climate new constraints placed on consumers by mortgage lenders following the irresponsible lending from previous years.

We can help you to better understand the wide range of mortgages that are out there and demystify what is actually being offered. All too often people sign up to a mortgage package that they haven't fully understood and this can have a significant impact on their finances further down the line. We can also secure very competitive deals as we continually keep up to date with this highly competitive market. Even if you find that you have an adverse credit rating we can help secure a mortgage for you.

Buy to Let:
We are specialists in the buy-to-let market and can bring to you an invaluable amount of experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise the opportunities. This can be an especially hazardous area and requires a strategy that maximises your return. Our expert team of advisers are available to guide you through the best approach and will also share with you case study evidence of strategies that have worked as well as anecdotal evidence of where the challenges lie.

Self Build:
A lot of people dream about building their own home from scratch and this can prove to be a very cost effective way to gain the type of home that may otherwise prove unaffordable. But again this type of venture requires meticulous planning and financial management. Contingencies need to be factored in and the mortgage type can make all the difference. With our advice and guidance we can present all the facts and opportunities in a way that will arm you with everything you need to know prior to making any final decisions.

Adverse Credit:
There can be nothing more stressful that having a great opportunity slip because someone who you will never likely meet has deemed your credit worthy-ness to be less than perfect. We can help in this area and put forward a strong case on your behalf to secure that much needed mortgage.

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A secured loan allows you to borrow over a longer term and take advantage of lower monthly payments. If this is of interest to you then our specialist team at Milestone Financial can discuss a wide range of options to choose from. We will also offer our open and honest opinion on the best route to follow with regards to terms, overall costs, options, risks and pitfalls to look out for.

For private clients we would always advise against securing a loan against their property if they find they are experiencing difficult times and this is truly a last resort then we are available to make sure the choices made are the right ones.

Whatever the need, we can offer our knowledge of the markets and help you arrive at a solution that helps you meet your specific financial requirement.

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At Milestone Financial, we are advocates of life insurance and are passionate about the benefits and security the right policy can provide for families and individuals.  As we age, we find ourselves happily gaining loved ones; wives, husbands, partners and children that we want to provide for in the event of our death.

We understand that securing life insurance can be an uncomfortable process for some and as a result we guide all of our clients with compassion and understanding. There are different types of life insurance and it is vital to select the right one for you. We have simplified the types of policies that are available below:

Term Assurance Policies:
Term insurance allows you to select the amount you want to be insured for and the period for which you require cover. Should you die within the term, the policy pays out to your beneficiaries. But it is important to be aware that if you do not die within the agreed term, your beneficiaries will not receive a pay out.

Level Term Life Insurance Policies:
Put simply, if you agree to a level-term policy the amount that your beneficiaries will receive remains ‘level’ throughout the term and your annual or monthly premiums generally also stay the same. Level-term policies provide a lump sum that your family or loved ones can take advantage of in the event of your death.

Decreasing Term Policies:
If you need to cover a debt, such as a mortgage, that reduces over time a decreasing term policy may be right for you as the amount you are covered for decreases over time. The main advantage is that premiums are significantly cheaper, however there will be no lump sum available after you have died for your beneficiaries.


Whole-of-Life Policies:
Whole-of-life policies are ongoing and are not subject to a specified term, they are more expensive because a pay out is guaranteed. We treat each person as the individual that they are and take time to appreciate their specific circumstances; family life, health issues, living arrangements and financial status.

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Critical illness insurance is becoming more and more important. Recent claims statistics state that we are five times more likely to suffer from a critical illness than we are to die before the age of 65. A critical illness can prevent a person from working for a significant amount of time, which can have serious repercussions for families or an individual’s security. How would you pay your mortgage and your bills? How will your family be provided for?  These are questions that we should all be asking ourselves.

We advise our clients not to overlook critical illness insurance in favour of life insurance, very often securing both alongside each other is a cheaper option than buying either alone. If you or your loved one is diagnosed with a critical illness it can be an enormously stressful time for everyone, knowing that you are financially secure can decrease stress and worry immeasurably. A cash lump sum can provide peace of mind and some breathing space during a time of real difficulty. At Milestone Financial, we can arrange critical illness insurance cover no matter what your previous medical history is and how complex your needs may be.

Choosing a policy that meets your requirements can be daunting with all the many providers available that’s why we have carefully selected a handful of reputable and market leading providers to provide you with the best cover available.

We will also look to have your insurance policies written in trust so that should the unfortunate happen and you need to claim on the policy the trust will ensure that the right amount of money goes to the correct people and does not form part of the inheritance tax bill. We feel this is extremely important for our clients.

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Our insurance partners can offer you buildings insurance that covers your home against all the major risks such as fire, storm, flood and subsidence. It also covers other causes of damage, like damage caused by a burglary, vandalism or a vehicle collision.

Buildings insurance covers not only the main building and domestic outbuildings, but also things such as walls, paths, pipes and fixtures such as the bathroom suite and fitted kitchens. It can even cover your freezer contents and your downloaded music files.

With our partners, we find that they work hard to provide excellent customer service. If the unexpected happens, their friendly and helpful staff will deal with your claim efficiently. And if for any reason this is not your experience then as your advisers we are available to represent your case to help secure your claim.

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